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Kobe Bryant: ‘Don’t Love Me, Hate Me’ – Know What This Means

The world knew a name in basketball that has been looked up until this day.

Kobe Bryant.

This year will be Kobe Bryant’s last appearance in the NBA before retiring.

He played the game to win 5 NBA championships, 15 All-NBA team selections, and 12 All-Defensive team selections.

To add, he also won a Slam Dunk contest and became 4 All-Star Game MVPs in 14 All-Star games.

And many more.

Now that he’s going out the NBA court, here is his message for you.

He wants you to hate him and not love him.

Watch this video now.

Will you really hate him?

What are your favorite Kobe Bryant moments?

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Sources: YouTube/Nike Basketball, Lakers Universe

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