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Multiple Trials World Champion Balance On A Slackline

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We are not always at the top called champion and winner. Each one of us have our own trial and error but in the end blue light awaits. Trying hard to make something new and beat previous battle but in the end always finding the perfect balance. Win or lose Belgian Red Bull athlete and 9 time world trial bike champion Kenny Belaey is one of the best. Fearlessly riding the slackline over 112m drop of French Alps at an altitude of 200m Kenny pulled another stunt.

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Kenny recently won a bronze medal at UCI World Championship in Andorra, earning his 12th medal, participating in 14 games. This achievements are fruit of his hard work but a spectacular footage perfectly balancing a highline on a bike took him to a new level. French Alps filled of rough rocks and high altitude of ridges. Yet kenny’s challenge, sky’s the limit.

Making the impossible to possible, spanning his limits of what is physically possible. Winning is not always enough but hard work is. Nothing could be perfect without practice and challenge and a grand salute to Kenny Belaey.

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