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Caving In An Exotic Yet Toxic Ice Caves Beneath An Active Volcano

A group of researcher went up to Mount Rainier’s craters in Washington led by Eduardo Cartaya, a National Geographic Grantee. There are 75 member of the team faced the dangerous expedition around the summit. The expedition includes of several biologist. They walk on the east side of the volcano to create a three-dimensional map, that if someone get lost or hurt, will be easier to conduct a rescue operation. Their three purpose climbing the cave is to: collect data to protect climbers, learn about potential alien life on icy planet and study the cave’s climatology. Over the years, many attempt to climb the cave and become a haven for thousands of people climbing the Mount rainier every year. Yet, the cave is filled of hazardous gases that lies inside an active volcano.

Mount Rainier is an “episodically active volcano” which houses carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide that came the volcano below, explained by geomicrobiologist and expedition member Lee Florea. The cave is very stiff and if you fall, you would tumble a hundred feet in hundred times as well. The cave is covered of glaciers with active volcanic activity. The crater of the Mount Rainier is often referred to as the backside of the moon, shared by Cartaya. The crater used to be the training ground of astronauts. They explained, the cave could be a replica of other planets elements and reactions. And scientists are very interest to study the ice glacier and collect climate data.

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