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A Pension Daredevil Performs Yoga On A Deadly 300 Ft Cliff

The time we meditate, we find a place where we feel comfortable and easy. Take khiv Raj Gurjar, 68, spent an hour everyday to practice yoga on a cliff while balancing himself on a BMX. He is the world finest exponent of extreme yoga. Fearlessly posing on a rocky outcrop near the city of Jodhpur, India and he even dare the stunt of blindfolded while balancing the BMX.

He also perched in a one-legged pose. Despite the danger stunts, Khiv never panics nor feel like he is going to fall. Through discipline helps him maintain this passion though after the loss of his grandson, wife and son last 2014. On a death-defying pose, he manages to balance on the bike at 45 degree angle on the edge of cliff.

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