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A 10K Walk Everyday For A Month That Will Change Your Life


Fibfit and other fitness group set a goal of 10, 000 steps a day. in USA, Shape Up America founded in 1994 raise awareness to be healthy. Its mission is to be healthy in regardless of age. Exercise is essential to manage weight and to introduce the 10, 000 steps program. As the mission goes around the country, BuzzFeed team took the challenge to take 10, 000 steps in a month. Each steps were recorded on a wearable wristband device. Wristband device sold out more than 14. 7 million 2014 and expected to raise this year. The Fibfit wristband helps overweight postmenopausal women increase their activity.

Fibfit achieved its goal more than ever. Helping people to be aware to be healthy not only to be active everyday routine. 10, 000 steps is designed to improve health. On the otherhand, is walking enough to lose weight? 10, 000 steps will prevent you gain weight accompanied with proper diet. Drinking enough water every day will also help you to have a refreshing body. Water helps to clean intestines and replenish our body. But to lose weight must be in right pattern. A study published that walking daily for 2 miles will reduce a chances of sickness or hospitalization from severe diseases. And walking daily reduces risk in stroke in men over age of 60.5 walking for at least an hour.

CREDITS: Peak Fitness Mercola

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