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The Science Behind Why Earth Is Not Flat


If you notice when the boat disappear in the horizon of ocean it gets smaller until it’s gone. Simply because the earth is round. In school, children learn how earth formed, what it consist and the geographical nature of the planet. Especially learning how earth is round. We don’t need to prove that earth round, by only watching the moon’s shadow to earth during eclipse and the way masts of ships are visible when they are out of sight are the classical reason. During the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus proved that earth is not flat. The earth is a sphere and no edges like a ball. Eratosthenes, a Greek mathematician, astronomer and music theorist carried out an experiment to determines earth circumference. By a piece of A3 card, attach two obelisk to the card by their bases and with a light source, produce shadow. Slowly bend the card so it becomes convex and watch the effect.

Another study and observation proved that you can see farther from higher location. Just like mention above the ship disappear on the horizon. The opposite shape of earth is moon. Aristotle observed the earth’s spherical nature and noticed during lunar eclipse the shadow of moon is round. As moon and earth is round, so does the sun where planets revolves around. Look the other planets, earth was different from other planet yet they are all the same in certain characteristics. These planets are in different places and created in different circumstances. Many observation proved that the planets are spherical. Galileo Galilei observed the moons of Jupiter rotating around it. He evidently explained them as small planets orbiting a larger planet yet back then, the church opposed his theory as it followed a geocentric model where everything was supposed to revolve around the earth.

Lastly, an evidence and interesting fact of gravity. Gravity is a force of attraction between two objects depends on their mass and distance. Earth’s sphere has a consistent shape, no matter where you stand, you have the same amount of sphere under you. It is the gravity that pulls toward the center of a mass of the objects.

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