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Women Beware! Don’t Let Your Used Tampons Or Sanitary Pads Stay Too Long On Your Body, Know What The Reasons Are


Menstrual periods are expected every month most of the women. Women used tampons or sanitary napkins to prevent the blood flow become messy. During menstruation, women tend to be sensitive and conscious with every movement. Often enter the comfort room and knows what going on especially by the uncomfortable intruder, tampons. How often you change your sanitary pads daily throughout menstruation period? To ensure menstrual hygiene women should know how to keep healthy and learn the reasons why tampons shall not stay too long on the body. There are times women wear tampons all day long without noticing it has an effect someday. According to Tampax origin of tampons was found in ancient Egypt. Egyptians fashioned disposable tampons from softened papyrus. Hippocrates, a Greek physician describe another tampon which was made from lint wrapped around lightweight wood. In Rome, it was wool, in Japan, a paper, Indonesia a vegetable fiber and somewhere in Africa they used roll of grass.

Clean Menstrual Cups

The use of tampons became more develop. Before, women use cloth and now disposable sanitary pads. The cloth used are washed with detergent before to be used again but some household don’t allowed to utilize the used tampons. Today there are number of ways to use like sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cup to stay clean. Too much stay of tampons on the body can cause some illnesses like toxic shock syndrome. Health Day define toxic shock syndrome or TSS a rare, life-theatening bacterial illness marked by high fever, lower blood pressure, rash and the shut-down of multiple organ system. The cause of toxic shock syndrome is link to use of napkins. napkins are filled of bacteria which is commonly known staph bacteria that includes Staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria live on the moist areas of the body without causing harm. But when this bacteria enter the bloodstream through small path ways or cut like concussion or abrasions and release toxins.


Tampons completely wet of blood is a supportive place for a rapid growth of bacteria. Most cases, it’s been too long in women most private parts the growth of bacteria on the cotton or sponge may enter. Especially, the soft and absorbent tampon left too long or if it is used when menstrual flow is light can dry out women private parts, making such tearing even more likely. Experts still studying and investigating the causes of toxic shock syndrome have ruled out feminine deodorant sprays, douches, underwear and other clothing. There is already a report case a woman lose her one leg due to toxic shock syndrome. Women open your eyes, if you want to be healthy be also a menstrual hygienic. Don’t wait when this happens to you. Be open-minded, be informed.


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