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Planet Nine Is Never Fated To Give An End

Stop your brain cells from believing and cramming towards what the doomsayers speak about the newly-discovered planet. Stop spending sleepless nights thinking when would the Earth by crashed by that newly-added planet.

Recently, a video contending an idea that Planet Nine could cause devastations to the Earth was posted. This believed-to-be-existent world in the solar system’s ends s hypothesized to be sending asteroids and comets into the planet of the living soon according to New York Post.

Faulty reasons are surrounding the idea. According to Mike Wall, a conflation of the 9th planet together with the unknown Earth’s objects in the neck of the cosmic woods, Nibru and Nemesis, resulted to misleading presentation posted in New York Post.

Theorists have always held on to the idea that there is this large planet which would hit the Earth and destroy it. They named it Nibru. Many predictions went with the Mayan predictions in 2012. Yet, none can really prove of Nibru’s existence in the solar system.

Planet X is another name for the proposed solar entity. In the 20th century, astronomer Percival Lowell first hypothesized its existence to substantiate unexplainable matters in Uranus and Neptune.

9th Planet

Larger than a planet, there is also this brown dwarf or a small star called as Nemesis. It is believed to be in space not far from the ball of heat. Oort Cloud, a comet, is believed to be always interfered by Nemesis’ gravitational pull.

What the theorists have believed about Nemesis seems to be more realistic than the idea of the Nibru’s existence in space. But just like the belief on the Planet X, this small star was never proven to be existent.

This post isn’t the only source of the idea of Nibru and Nemesis’ existence in the solar system. In fact, in other updates, it is suggested that if another planet is really existing, it is estimated to be 3.7 wider compared to the Earth.

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