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The Difficulty Of Sounding Having Lisps Disorder

Lisp is a disorder of functional speech. The medical term for this is sigmatism, define as the mispronunciation of sound such as s, th and so on. About 10% of people in US have functional speech disorder. Lisp also term of difficulty in speaking and learning to make a proper speech sound. Functional speech disorders or speech delays could be confusion at phonetic level. In particular, a student has difficulty to pronounce certain word and learned to pronounce in wrong way. Yet the incorrect pronunciation became a habit.

The term“functional” refer to the cause of the disorder is unknown. In enunciating the letters “s, r, l, t and th” are the most common sounds that is hard to say. Children at school are taught to make sound correctly but few find it hard to do so. Sometimes the sounding could also causes from the mouth structure, the teeth arrangement, tongue’s length or vocal deficiency. The characteristics of lisping is when a person lisps their tongue either protrudes between or touches, their front teeth and the sound they make is more like “th” than “s” or “z”.

In protruding the tongue between the front teeth making sound s or z is referred as interdental and touching the tongue at front teeth in making sound of s or z is defined as dentalised. Lisp is a normal developmental phase to children who our learning speech to produce interdental and dentalised s and z sound until the age of 4 ½. There are another 2 types of lisp: the lateral and palatial. Lateral lisp are the person who create sound s and z as air escape over the sides of tongue while palatial lisp are creating sound with the tongue in contact with the palate.

CREDITS: Speech Language Theraphy

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