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Here’s What Happens To Your Brain When You Ate Sugar


Brownies, cookies, cakes, buttery bread and pastries plus irresistible desserts makes your mouth watery. Have you ever wonder why does it happen? You can’t resist the temptation not to taste or have them all. A study published in Journal Nature, says sugar is a toxic substance should be regulated like alcohol. Studies found out too much sugar not only makes us fat but wreaks havoc on our liver, spoil our metabolism, impairs brain function and a high possibility to heart diseases and other illness.


What happens to brain when sugar hit our tongue? If eat a candy, the sweet receptors on tongue activated and send signals to brain up to brain stem. And from there is send into four areas in brain like cerebral cortex.
DIfferent section of cerebral cortex process the taste of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. From sweet section, the reward system is activated. Reward system is a series of chemical and electrical pathways across several regions of the brain that is complicated network but helps a single subconscious question, “Should I do that again?”. The warm fuzzy feeling you get tasting sweet is the reward you get. But activating this reward system could lead to unfortunate events. You started to crave, out of control, and increase tolerance to sugar.

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