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The Most Terrible Headache, How Do We Get It?

“Oh Ache? Quick! Call a doctor for my toothache, stomach ache and headache. 🙂 ” Ask yourself, if what is the most painful illness your body observed and experience. Headache is the most common excuse we’ve ever heard in all the time, but do we know what causes them? When stress strike, we feel the world revolve around us as if we cannot start a thing or two that often makes our head ache. There are at least 300 types of headache. One study indicates that 64-77%, we at least at some point.

Johns Hopkins Medicine, a medical website published an article under Neurology and Neurosurgery the two types of headache: Primary and Secondary Headaches. Primary Headaches is the most common than secondary. These types of headaches are “idiopathic” that only occur without reason, nor the result of other underlying diseases or process. It only happens due certain complex condition interplay of genetic, developmental and environmental risk factors. However, secondary headache is the result of serious underlying diseases or other conditions ranging from brain tumors, to aneurysm, to inflammatory or to abnormalities of the spinal fluid. We cannot set aside a kind of this issue, it speaks trouble.

In knowing if you have secondary headache we have here are the warning sign: neurological symptoms during or between headaches, abnormal neurological examination, older age 50 to 60+, unusual type of headache, imunocompromised state like chemotherapy, sudden headaches, fever, stiff neck, swelling of the optic nerves and headaches not responding to treatment or getting worst. Other people would say they often suffer migraine. Migraine does not usually caused by dilated blood vessels in the brain. The pain happens in meninges a part of the brain. Migraines are caused by an inflammation of meninges, a tissue covering the brain.

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