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Having Problems At Sleeping Time? No Need To Worry Here’s The Best Remedy To Have A Better Sleep


How many hours you sleep daily? The prescribe time during sleeping time is about 8 hours. Did you know that sleeping vary to age? Sleep quantity needs vary based on age. There is no magic behind sleeping, it is essential to every individual to sleep everyday. Newborns sleep up to 18 hours which is divided in day and night. A 3 month old baby sleeps 14 hours which 8-9 hours in night and 2-3 hours at day light. Toddlers ages 1-3 sleeps 12-14 hours over a 24-hour period. Teens sleeps up to 9 hours but mostly didn’t sleep well due to many activities especially in school. And older people ranges 50 of age have a difficulty in sleeping time.As we age we experience changes in sleeping patterns, we become sleepy earlier, wake up earlier and have sleep sleep at all.


These changes are part of aging but sleep is an important factor in our physical and emotional stability. If you’re having problems with your sleep, here’s a remedy that might improve your lack of sleep. Though the strange things about sleep, we need to find the best medicine naturally that can doze us off into the kingdom-come of our sleeplessness. Lack of sleep is not advisable which can lead to chronic diseases. We should prevent this causes by dealing with simple remedy.

  • Your bed in the only place of sleep. Texting, surfing, eating ice cream on bed and doing homework should be done outside your bed chamber.
  • Screenshot 2016-03-28 17.34.41
  • Keep you room dimmed. Don’t use very light lamps that may interfere your sleeping mode.
  • lumie-dimmed
  • Arrange your bed into a comfortable haven to sleep. The foam must be soft where you could sleep pleasantly.
  • USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Woman spreading sheet on bed
  • Set your sleeping time and waking hours. This schedule helps you to manage your time when to wake up and when to sleep. If your suppose to wake up, get out of your bed automatically and head for a shower to help freshen you up.
  • A man sleeping

    A man sleeping

  • Read before you sleep. Reading could help you doze off especially the boring one. 🙂
  • Reading_before_sleep
  • Drink chamomile tea before going to bed. The content Apigenin in chamomile will help promote sleep.
  • green-tea
  • Use lavender oil into your bath. A 3 minute in lavender oil bath at night increase drowsiness which stimulates the caffeine make you feel sleepy.
  • 8045574-lavender-bath-salt-with-essential-oil-beauty-treatment
  • A bath before 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. Speaking of bath it increase you body temperature and increase relaxation.
  • Shower-Health_LEAD
  • Avoid caffeine on or before you sleep. Caffeine is the destroyer of sleep, it will keep you awake with the whole night that can neither sleep.
  • Avoid-caffeine-before-sleep
  • Find your favorite position when you sleep.
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  • Turn off all you gadget of keep them away from your bed to avoid disturbances.
  • Man listening music in headphone and sleeping in embrace with laptop on the sofa
  • Eat a light meal before bedtime, if you eat a lot it will cause disruption in your digestion. The body rest when you sleep as well as the rest of your body organs.
  • Vitamins-for-body-and-great-sleep

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