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This Street Vendor Can Cut And Peel The Mango Without Touching The Fruit Itself

One of your concerns in buying street foods is its cleanliness so you often observe if the way it is prepared or the materials or tools used in preparing it are all sanitary, and you often have second thoughts in buying upon seeing that it seems to be untidy.

But here is one fruit vendor in Santa Barbara, East Beach in California who sells mango. He serves it the Mexican way wherein he never touches the fruit in peeling and slicing it. Watch the video below and be impressed with his peeling and slicing skills.

If all fruit vendors peel and slice like this, you will somehow not worry about the sanitation of every street food that you like to buy.
What do you think about this vendor’s peeling and slicing skills? Share your insights through the comment box below.
(h/t: Shinae Choi Robinson)

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