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Uninhabited Iconic Island Made From Rock On The Edge Of The World

White sand, lush forests filled of wildlife creature that is so rare on public eyes, challenging waves, cliffs and rivers are most sought after thrilling adventure for explorers. Beautiful islands are scattered in different countries gaining attractions from tourists because of magnificent sceneries of coastline and color of water. Along the region of North Atlantic, an uninhabited rock island is found in St Kilda known as Boreray. Boreray means “Fort Island” from Norse. This rock island is the smallest of the Scottish islands to have a summit over one thousand feet.

It house various seabirds on its cliff which counted 45, 000 pairs of gannets and two stacks. It also has growing flowering plants over 130 different varieties. Boreray is formed of breccias of grabbro and dolerites. Two vertical rock island stand each other off Boreray which are Stac An Amin located to the north, the taller one measures 643 ft and Stac Lee, located to the west, the short one measures 564 ft. Boreray covers about 77 hectares and reaches a height of 1, 260 ft at Mullach an Eilien.

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