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Want To Have A Good Shape Bottom? Try This Simple Workout To Have A Firm Buttocks Within 15 Minutes

We want to live a healthy life. We engage into eating a balanced diet, sessions of exercises and other physical fitness that could benefit a healthy life. Eating natural foods and avoiding certain activities such as smoking and drinking leads to a comfortable and tip-top shape. Others are asking to have something in physical in a natural way and it can be achieve, either way medical operation or natural exercises. For instance having a flat buttocks. Looking for a suited exercise in firming your buttocks? This video tutorial will only take 15 minutes session to help you formed your dreamy butt.

Prepare your gear and shoes to start your workout. Lose the droopy booty and get a toned posterior with this 15 minute buttocks workout. These exercises authored by P4P or Passion4Profession to strengthen your buttocks, thighs and back. With this training you will workout your muscles involved gluteus and quadriceps. It recommends to work it out 4 times a week. This is a fast, effective training for firming up buttocks without the need of any equipment. You can exercise anywhere you like, An ideal place for you to get in shape.

Exercise For Toning Buttocks:

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  1. Bridging: Lie down on the floor, curl your knees upward and hands on sides. Execute it normally, lift your body up in counting 1,2. Hand must remain in place. Do it in 3 sets with 30 repetitions. Recovery time in 30 seconds. Do it twice.
  2. Screenshot 2016-02-13 16.33.08 Screenshot 2016-02-13 16.33.09 Screenshot 2016-02-13 16.40.56 Screenshot 2016-02-13 16.35.38
  3. Forward lunges In standing position. Feet together and hands on hips. Right foot step forward to lunged downward. Do it in 2 sets with 15 repetitions. Change left and the same process.Recovery time on 30 seconds.
  4. Screenshot 2016-02-13 16.45.36 Screenshot 2016-02-13 16.45.32
  5. Hip Extension Bent knee In normal position, duck on the floor and lift your right leg upward. Change left. Do the same routine. Do it in 2 sets with with 20 repetitions.

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