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Things You Didn’t Know When You Get Burn Your Tongue

Have you ever burn your tongue because it’s too hot? The active burning of tongue falls on the medical term glossitis which also covers dry mouth, infections or hormonal functions plus simple thing like biting your tongue. When our tongue gets burn, it swollen and changes its color. It seems that our tastes have been affected and it feels tongue gets numb yet a little awkwardly hot.

According to MedicinePlus, a US website for medicine define that glossitis is a problem in which tongue is swollen and changes color, often making the surface of tongue appear smooth. Common causes are allergic reactions to oralcare products, foods or medicine; infections from bacteria, injury such as burns skin conditions that affect mouth and irritant like tobacco, alcohol, hot foods and spices, lastly hormonal factors.

There such areas that are affected when our tongue gets burn. If you can sense, any angle gets burn became swollen and you cannot taste. Since our taste is divided into salty, sweet, sour, bitter and potentially umami, the fifth savory taste discovered by Japanese. Out tongue is covered of fungiform papillae. They are rounded form projections and each has an average of 6 taste buds buried inside its surface tissue. They are not just taste buds, they are all over your mouth, from roof of mouth goes to your throat and stomach. They are specialized taste receptors inside the taste buds allow us to distinguish different flavors.

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