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Tragic Plane Crash In Moscow Airport And There Is NO Survivor

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Before the Holy Week come an unforgettable plane crash happened in Rostov-on-Don Airport, Moscow, Russia. The FlyDubai’s crash lost all the 33 women and 18 men were passengers and 7 crew with no survivor. The final conversation of two pilots of Russian plane reveal the major concern. Between the incident, the two pilots talked if the weather is better and found on a chilling audio about their weather discussions. It was a 7 minute recording of Cypriot pilot Aristos Sokratous and Spanish co-pilot Alejandro Alava Cruz to traffic controllers, suspected taken from air traffic control tapes conversing to air traffic officials as they approach the airport. The pilots keep asking about their visibility and have heard saying they are around 5 kilometers.

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They regularly receive updates on time from the ground and still at ease at the moment but the voices become agitated as the plane descends to an altitude of around 2,000 feet. The plane carrying Russian citizens although 8 of them are Ukrainians, two Indians and one from Uzbekistan. And the excruciating part among the passenger are two children. The exact time of FlyDubai Flight FZ981 collide to the ground was March 19, 2016, 400 AM Moscow timeline. The plane aflamed after its tail hit the runway and disintegrated.

Pilot Aristos Sokratous

Co-pilot Alejandro Alava Cruz

And Pilot Aristos Sokratous who just got married last year August couldn’t make it back home whom his wife is pregnant. The Cyprus president paid him tribute. After the incident. The airline contact each relatives of the passengers and crew on board to let them know about the sudden accident. The tragic event is like a hurricane, swift off all the passengers on their sits and nowhere to be seen alive. It was thought that the major concern of the accident was pilot error or technological failure as being investigated. Here’s a linked video to a captured plane crash and the event after. https://www.facebook.com/krishnansubra.manian.756/videos/1160259304019091/ and https://www.facebook.com/khabar.eu/videos/1162299443802610/

CREDITS: Mail Online

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