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A Mummified Body Found Inside An Abandoned Yacht Floating In East Philippine Sea

Ancient Egypt mummification.
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The 40-foot yacht, Sayo cruising he world for 20 years.


Looking back thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians believed when a person went to next life they made a journey into the next world. They believed that in order to live in the next world their body had to be preserved. And the preserved body is called mummy. It prevents the body from decomposition. Recently, it was reported a mummy found in Philippine sea inside an abandoned yacht. The mummy was identified to be a German native Manfred Fritz Bajorat who sail for two decades around the world having lost his wife due to terminal disease several years ago. The corpse was found by two local fisherman at about 62 miles at the coast of Barobo, Surigao del Sur, Philippines on February 25, 2016. The fishermen spotted the abandoned yacht around 4:30 PM noticing the broken mast. They investigated after noticing the broken sail of the vessel and discovered a mummified body of a man slumped over a wooden desk in the radio room.

The mummified body found inside the yacht.

Police investigated the body and determine from identified documents on the boat that he was Manfred Fritz Bajorat, aged 59. Deputy Police Inspector Mark Navales of nearby Barobo town stated the unclear result or Bajorat’s case. It claimed there is no foul play and the case still ongoing. The last report sighting him was in Mallorca in 2009 but a friend told the media he heard from Bajorat in 2015 via Facebook. The German Embassy in Manila is trying to contact his remaining family in Germany which currently may include his daughter working on a freight vessel. Navales said items inside tha yacht were scattered and Bajorat’s wallet is missing but the yacht radio, GPS and other important items are still intact.And lately, on Mail Online published the recent report why Bajorat’s loss his life. Police autopsy revealed he suffered heart attack. The authorities don’t have any idea if where Bajorat is heading or sailed from. Dr. Mark Benecke, a forensic criminologist in the German city of Cologne, told the Bild newspaper that the cause of mummification is due to tropical heat, dry wind and salty sea air which quickly preserve the body.

(h/t): Mail Online

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