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Amazing Light-Painting Art That Will Truly Bring You To Another World – See Them All

Photos can really mean a million descriptions depending on who is looking at. But, no matter what photo you are looking it, it still came to the magic of cameras.

Photography has been part of history since photos taken using cameras shows the past.

In photography, there are lots of techniques and rules needed to be followed and played with in order to have that ‘perfect shot’.

Recently, a duo named Kim and Eric has done incredible shots using the art called light-painting.

Using a powerful camera, with all the settings and f-stops, they created these wonders.

light-painting- light-painting-1 light-painting-2

They said that they used light-painting tubes to do these visuals.

light-painting-3 light-painting-4 light-painting-5 light-painting-6 light-painting-7 light-painting-8

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