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Don’t Blink Your Eyes With This 60 Years Old Do The Groove And Beat Youth Doing Hip-hop Moves

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At school, teachers are known to teach student many things from science to history, music to art, health to language and discovering their hidden talent. They are one of the epitome and good example to modern children to teach them various things. Aside at home children were taught and discipline, in school teachers are the second parents to students. As they are a set of examples, this teacher is one of a kind. Meet teacher Shirley clement, 60, a dance instructor at North Surrey secondary School in Canada. Believe it or not, teacher Shirley take off the dance floor with her energetic Uptown Funk routine and ended by spinning on her head. At her retiring age, she is ripe and prime to dance along with her students. Certainly not only kids have all he dance moves.

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During on an annual dance competition at the school, she surprise her students by participating in a perfectly own choreographed dance moves. In awe, students got the surprise of their life staring at their teacher doing head spin. Teacher Shirley celebrated her last year as a dedicated teacher by joining her students in a dance moves along with Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and made her a standout performer. She performs with a bang and she will give you a head bang. Her killing hip-hop routine wowed the audience and might even you with her dance moves. 🙂

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Her video clip were uploaded last 2015 in Ellen DeGeneres’ EllenTube and viewed by million across the world which resulted an uproar of attention and positive feedback. And Ellen invited her to her show and allow us to have a glimpse on her dance routines. Once again she broke it down but this time LIVE! Teacher Shirley brought her 12 students to share along the spotlight. She might be older but she is more energetic to live her life. The passion to dance live within her veins unto he last breath. If you want to be healthy, be like teacher Shirley. 🙂

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