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A Little Facts About Hurricane On How They Are Formed

Aside from Tsumani, hurricane is another type of natural phenomena that is highly dangerous and monstrous in creating damages. Past years many devastating and great storm in history came along and damaged more than hundred million dollars. Great Storm Haiyan swift off the Philippines last 2013 and damage more than hundred million pesos and hundred thousands of casualties. Hurricane Katrina brought catastrophic events in United States last 2005. Massive flooding and hundreds of people were displaces from their homes. Hurricane Katrina cause more than $100 billion. Violent wind, killer waves and driving rain are the hallmarks of a hurricane, also called cyclone or typhoons. Hurricanes are giant storms prowling the world’s tropical sea.

Tropical cyclone wind speeds more than 74 miles or 119 kilometer per hour. The speed of the wind burst over 200 miles per hour in some hurricanes. It lasted from 1 to 30 days the maximum. They weaken and transformed into extratropical cyclones after prolonged contact with the colder ocean waters. Hurricane formed in the summer and fall, when the sun heats the vast tropical ocean to over 82 degrees. Warm moist air rises over the hot spots creating thunderstorms. Upper level wind and surface wind come together forming a circular motion of clouds known as a tropical depression.

When the wind succeeded 39 miles per hour, a tropical storm will develop. When the wind reaches 74 miles per hour a hurricane is officially born. Inside of cyclone bands of rain up to 300 miles long meets in the eye wall, the most violent section. Winds are spiraling upwards up to 200 miles an hour. Within the center of hurricane down drafts of dry air create a strange link calm area called the eye. Fully formed a hurricane may over 500 miles in diameter and reach a height of 9 miles. Storms spins out in the open sea but within average year, 2 or 3 will strike the mainland of North America. The most dangerous is the storm surge. A gigantic of wave’s swifts across the coastline where hurricanes makes landfall. About 45, 000 lives taken by storm in 20th century including 15, 000 in US. Hurricane Andrew was the most expensive disaster cost more than $25 billion in US history.

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