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Huntington Beach Police Officer Did Something For A Homeless Girl – Will Make You Smile

When there is presence of policemen in an area, one may probably think that there is something wrong about something. Policemen are ones tasked by the government to help maintain peace and order in a certain area.

These brave men often respond to the needs of people especially in emergency situations.

But, these tough policemen also have their own soft sides like what happened to an 11-year-old homeless girl in California.

Huntington Beach Police Officers Zach Pricer and Scott Marsh responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle only to find out that there is a mother and daughter living inside the car.

The policemen contacted the Homeless Task Force for some arrangments. But, the good Officer Pricer did a cute way to entertain the little girl.

Watch the video now.

What can you say about what Officer Pricer did?

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Source: Inside Edition

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