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Tricky Tips To Know That You Don’t Buy Fake From The Original Jewellery


Women mostly like to buy some trinket and wear the sparkling jewellery to give more beauty. However do you know how to spot the real jewellery to a fake one? No offense to paste rings and necklaces out there, but for instance you want to buy a valuable precious gold and stones that worth a thousand bucks and has the capacity to sell them off if you like. You must know how to qualify if they are real. Jewellerymonthly.com give a 12 simple tips to help you purchase nice jewellery items.

  1. Check the jewellery stamp or hallmark. A 9 to 24 carat gold ring or watch have a description what it is made of, for example like gold, silver, precious stones. It distinguish the characteristics of your items. If where it is made. Always check the hallmark for safety shopping.
  2. Beware of jewellery sold online. As Internet became a medium today digital crime do happen. INspect the jewellery’s photos online maybe they are stolen and see the company’s credentials.
  3. Review if your ordered or bought items have return policy that should be at least returned within 14 days to bring the jewellery product back as standard.
  4. The chains of any good quality bracelet or necklace are NOT pinched together, it should be soldered together and really smooth.
  5. Top brands stamp each jewellery product.
  6. Fake jewels that contain Rhodium gives fake whitish appearance. You can easily identify it by simply looking on a bright light, look at the underside of the ring, the yellow gold can show through slightly due wear.
  7. A real diamond rings have certificates especially from GIA.
  8. Check your jewelleries paper work.
  9. To find the real, you can simply put it on a magnet, let the metal attached to it. If it connect its not gold. You must know gold is a soft metal with a stamp identifier.
  10. Costume jewellery use metal alloys such as polished brass. You can learn if it is fake if your skin gets itchy or inflammation.

(h/t): Jewellery Monthly

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