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A Great City Of China But Remain Empty For So Long And Named As “Ghost City”

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China is the fourth largest country in the world with a 3,705,392.5 square meters and in July 2009 population was estimated to be 1,338,612,968 people living there. They have the largest workforce about 817.7 workers which is divided into agriculture, industry and service jobs at rates of 39.5%, 27.2% and 33.2% respectively. The country was one of the world’s economic powerhouse today with a sheer volume of export goods produced. Despite of these promising progress of economic reform, China wish to be transformed into more productive society yet without seeing the shortcoming on its way cause a major concern. Major concern of inequality, environmental issues and sustainability hinders the economic progress.

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The worst thing is the country’s desire to increase urbanization and rural communities are forced to moved in the new economic cities. In 1949 in the reign of Communist Party, no civilization in history has built so much but today there are 658 cities with various density of population. And the booming city with its remaining construction is still empty. Towers of apartment building without occupants and the biggest mall in the world without shoppers and workers and sports stadium with no home teams. The metropolis under construction is maybe reserved for the preparation of external migration in competition of West countries.

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The growth of China’s economy has been improved for years but building of ghost buildings could be useless especially developers who haven’t sold a single unit of apartment. Mountains were eradicated and turn into a plane land to make space for more usable and sellable parcel of land. Does building of no-mayored city has a benefit to the citizens? In a book of Wade Shepard’s “Ghost Cities of China” stated that in 2030 people on Earth will live in a Chinese city. Maybe the prediction might happen but the thought of saving the remains of nature to restore the environment has been forgotten. Imagine a 64 million empty apartment and the properties are priced out of the market, a rare sight of city life. Does the improvement of China’s city could be beneficial to its citizen? maybe they can sow their success after 20 years, but how about the today? Simple people cannot buy an apartment because prices is way up high. The prices ranges from 70,000 to a hundred dollars with an average worker wage is around $6,000.

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