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Fuel Foods To Have A Sharp And Smart Brain For Kids And Adult


We just don’t eat to have a healthy body and strong immune system against infection and diseases but we must eat healthy foods that boost brain function. Don’t think eating fruits and vegetables to have a glowing skin, lustrous hair, small waist and weight loss yet keeping your brain healthy as well. The important portion of your balance diet reflect in your health stability and examination. Mothers out there love to have a smart children, doing well at school, getting into university and become a professional someday. All you need to do is a good nutrition for your children plus to adults at home. Foods rich of antioxidant prevent dementia and improve brain functions. Lists of food boosting brain as follows:

  • Yoghurt is rich of potassium, protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 & B12 help boost neurotransmission, reduce memory loss and some cognitive diseases.
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  • Green vegetables like broccoli and lettuce improve mood and brain power.
  • Cruciferous-Vegetables
  • Eggs also a source of protein which help to aid memory function.
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  • Fish. A study found that salmon have been link to memory functions and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3 fatty acids are important to maintain memory.
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  • Avocado dubbed as the perfect food in the world is loaded of vitamins and fiber plus rich source of healthy fats. It boost production of neurotransmitter dopamine to keep you focus.
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  • Coffee does not only keep you stay awake but also have an essential role boosting your mind. It improve memory function, active reasoning and reaction time in older people. A published article reveal that longer consumption of coffee linked to a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
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  • Berries are not only good for anti-aging but also rich of antioxidant and enzymes that prevent age-related brain disorders. Berries help maintain communication brain cells and keep the brain active. Protein stimulates new brain cells.
  • Basket-of-blueberries
  • Merlot, beer or wine. A study found that those who drank one to 6 alcoholic beverages a week were 54 percent less likely than abstainers to develop dementia over 6 years. They invited 746 participants and monitor them for one week and found the good result.
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  • Rosemary a treasure of chefs in cooking. Herb and spice as we simply know but it has an ability to enhance memory and concentration. It stimulates nerve growth and reverse the nerve cell damage. Aside from this, oregano, chives, parsley, sage and thyme are good brain booster.
  • rosemary

  • Turmeric is an herb, medicinal plant that have a properties important to improve brain functions, brain cell productions and an antioxidant that crosses the blood-brain barrier.
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  • Chocolate has a nutrient that increase pleasure-giving substance called endorphins. The flavonoids contain a stimulants like caffeine and theobromine which improves brain functions, attention and focus and prevent dementia. The best chocolate to buy is he dark one, it contains more natural minerals.
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  • Nuts and seeds improve memory and prevent brain aging. Include in your nuts and seeds list the walnuts, chocolate, almonds, cashews and chia seeeds.
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    CREDITS: Dr. Axe

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