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100-Year-Old Surgeon Reveals Secrets To A Long And Happy Life – Must See

Most people would love to live a longer life on earth. That’s why, many are doing everything just to prolong life. Many engage in health-promoting activities and eat nutritious foods.

But, a 100-year-old retired heart surgeon named Dr. Ellsworth Wareham shares his secret of living a healthy and happy life. At the age of 95, he still did heart surgery.

Now, what’s his secret?

Actually, he’s a vegan for about 50 years now and he wanted others to try this.

Watch this video now of an interview with him.

Today is Dr. Ellsworth Wareham's 101st birthday. The heart surgeon retired at the unbelievable age of 95!Can you believe he has been vegan for nearly 50 years?!

Posted by Best Video You Will Ever See on Saturday, October 3, 2015

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