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Carol Banawa’s Hit Song, ‘Bakit Di Totohanin’ Used In Vampire Diaries

One of the songs that really hit the Philippine songs charts and also the hearts of many Filipinos is Carol Banawa’sBakit ‘Di Totohanin.” It means “Why This Can’t Be Real”. This song now reached international television because this song was used in the famous US series , “Vampire Diaries”.

“Bakit ‘Di Totohanin” was used on one of the episodes of the show wherein Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmoore) were having a conversation in a bar.

Carol expressed her gratitude to the cast and crew of the show on the feature of her hit song. She also invited her fans to watch the 716th episode of the Vampire Diaries wherein her song was played on the background.

“They have aired it already!? #TheVampireDiaries used my song in one of the scenes for the episode 716. It was a scene between Stefan and Valerie? They used, “BAKIT DI TOTOHANIN”? I am in disbelief right now but very grateful!” the singer said on Instagram.


Now, here’s the video below.

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