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Wow! Go GREEN Building!! The First Ever Building Filled Of Thousands Plants An Ideal Place To Live In City

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You want to embrace the beauty of nature but you are far it. You are stuck in the middle of tall buildings in suburban as if you can’t breath and get suffocated. Apart from tall buildings, you face tremendous heat and pollution around the city. Crowded with people and jammed of heavy traffic along the street. Despite of this disturbances a new 36-storey building is planned to be built covered of 100 trees, 6, 000 shrubs and 18, 000 plants.

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This innovative green structures is mastermind by an Italian architect Stefano Boeri. The location for building to be built is in Lausanne, Switzerland, a 117 meter tall apartment tower that will be the first ever building embedded of plant in every flat. The tower will be named “La Tour des Cedres” means The Tower of Cedars, a home sweet home close to mother nature spread around the building of over 3, 000 square meters of green space. A residential building with two to five-bedroom apartments, offices, a gym and a restaurant on the top floor.

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The plants will shield the heat from the sun, harsh winds, dust and noise pollution. It will give a fresh air to breath for the occupants and a breathing shade against the heat. Each room had a protection and a perfect view of the city. The building will be the second project of Stefano which the first one was built in Milan, Italy of 112 meter tower. The structure was called as Bosco Verticale or “The Vertical Forest.”

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