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10 Devastating And Dangerous Volcanic Eruption In History

Volcano is one of the greatest creation on earth but also one of the most dangerous natural phenomena could deter the world into destruction. Throughout century volcano create havoc and cause human its lives. Their volatility and unreliability have changes world’s landscape over time and people’s lives. Tragic history of Mt.Vesuvius in Italy in 79 AD, destroyed the city of Pompeii and Herculaneum. recently, Soputan Volcano in Indonesia released ashes on February 6 that reached of 20, 000 altitude and an earthquake on Alaska. A magnitude of 7.1 earthquake occurred 25 km north of Augustine that have the ability to disrupt the volcano. If there is perfect cone of volcano and tallest one, here we will share to you the most devastating volcanic eruptions ever happen in history.

10 Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions In History With Its Aftermath

  1. Huaynaputina, Peru: It erupted in 1600. Huaynaputina scales 16, 000 feet tall. This is the largest volcanic eruption in South America in history. The explosion sent mudflows farther than Pacific Oceans within 75 miles and affected global climate.
  2. Krakatoa, Indonesia: Erupted in 1883. The preceded final eruption of this volcano extend in weeks and months of summer in 1883 with a missive explosion on April 26-27. The eruption ejected huge amounts of rock and ash and pumice. Explosion created tsunami with a maximum height of 140 feet and 34, ooo people lost their lives.
  3. Santa Maria Volcano, Guatemala: Erupted in 1902. After the massive explosion, it sleeps 500 years silently and left a crater nearly a mile. Santa Maria emits a fast moving gas and pulverized rock which estimated hundreds of people lost their lives.
  4. Novarupta, Alaska: Erupted in June, 1912. This is one of volcanic chain in Alaska and part of the Pacific Chain of Fire. Th eruption emits magma and ash unto the air that sent up to 3 cubic miles across the country. The ash cover the area of 3, 000 square miles.
  5. Mount Pinatubo, Philippines: This volcano is known for its perfect cone. It explode in 1991 that ejects tons of sulfur dioxide and other particles in the air. The explosion reaches 22 miles in the atmosphere and ash fell across the countryside which spread around the world by air’s current and caused global temperature to drop by about 1 degree F over the course of following year.
  6. Ambrym Island, Republic of Vanuatu: Vanuatu a tiny island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with a beautiful and impressive beaches and wildlife yet they experience a horrific volcanic explosion in 54 AD. The eruption spewed scalding ashes and dust down the mountain and formed a caldera 7.5 miles wide. it has erupted close to 50 times in 1774 and prove to be the most active in the world. An acid rain rainfall caused by volcano burned some inhabitants.
  7. Ilopango Volcano, El Salvador: Ilopango Volcano has only erupted twice in history but the first eruption caused chaos and destruction all over the island. El Salvador experience pumice and ash and destroyed mayan cities and forcing inhabitants to flee.
  8. Mt. Thera, Island of Santorini, Greece: Geologist speculated that this volcano explode like several atomic bombs in a fraction of second. Yet there are no written documents keep but experts said this volcano could be the strongest explosion ever. An indications that the residents of the island evacuated sensing it would explode, however they might escape speculation that volcano disrupted the culture, with tsunami and temperature decrease by the massive amounts of sulfur dioxide that altered the climate.
  9. Changbaishan Volcano, China/ North Korea Border: It also known Baitoushan Volcano, erupted in 1000 AD. It ejects volcanic particles and sent as far as Japan, about 750 miles and created a large caldera nearly 3 miles across half-mile deep at the mountain summit. The eruption obliterated the volcano’s peak, today a lake. A popular tourist spot for its natural beauty.
  10. Tambora, Indonesia: This is the greatest explosion ever recorded in history happened in 1815. It changes the global temperature (cool down) without summer in following year. The volcano it still active and one of the tallest peaks in Indonesia. The explosion is very loud and clear that could be heard in Sumatra Island, a 1, 200 miles away. The clouds were covered of ash that descended on neighboring islands.

CREDITS: Live Science

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