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Why Do We Celebrate Lent Season As A Christian? The True Meaning Of Lent Why People Practice Fasting And Abstinence


What is “Lent”? Why Christians widely practice this season for so long? People are divided based on what they believe and feel. It can be a group of believers in God and non. Religion is a personal choice at mature age. All throughout the world the famous religion ever to be heard are Muslim and Roman Catholic. Catholic often celebrate many feast in accordance to Biblical teachings like Christmas, All Souls Day and All Saints Day, St Valentine’s Day, the same with Muslims who celebrate their Ramadan. But what is so extravagant in Lent Season the Catholic are so devoted? Other holidays are celebrated by secular and non-religious world but Lent Season is observed by faithful and religious believers. Lent start on Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

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Ash Wednesday represents a solemn cross mark on the forehead with ash of Jesus death and resurrection. It is a mirror of one’s self, if life ends on earth, the body will come to dirt. This is the first day to start fasting or abstinence from certain food, habit of physical pleasure for 40 days. This is a way to imitate Christ’s 40-day fasting in the wilderness. People tend to control themselves from eating too much, smoking, drinking, gambling, texting, or even cursing. They vow to give up simple pleasures in preparation of Easter. Resisting temptation is an important spiritual exercise during Lent. Catholics avoid to eat meat, in Friday they eat vegetables instead of fish or meat. Very few skip meals and fasting does not only refer to skipping meals but little food to eat. Sincerity and faith arise in this spiritual journey especially acknowledging personal sins. Each person reconcile with God to ask forgiveness and for guidance to make the wrong right. Observing Lent is a religious practice and custom from historic ages and religion and the true meaning of this is not from the “traditions of men.” Lent is the time of prayer, repentance and recommitment leading to celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter. Truthfully, we often to forget repent from our sins and this sacred season, people will have time to repent from sins, meditate and recommit each selves to holiness.

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Lent makes people to be disciplined in a short period of time, opening the heart and mind to let Jesus intervene in personal life. According to Catholic.com, Lent is a 40 days before Easter in which Catholics pray, fast, contemplate and engage in act of spiritual self-discipline. This is the greatest holy day of Christian Year and Catholics that observe discipline and repentance. In Bible like Gen 7:4, Ex 24:18, 34:28, Num. 13:25, 14:33, John 3:4 can be found Lent is the traditional number of judgement and spiritual testing. Easter is the day of Jesus resurrection, in triumph of immortality. The purpose of Lent is to purify people from sins and selfishness through prayer and self-denial, by creating the desire to do God’s will and make his kingdom come first in the depth our heart above all else. In short description, Lent is a process of repentance, asking forgiveness, prayer, sacrifice, discipline, fasting, reflection and listen to the voice of God so that in Easter we are restored to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

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