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What Happened To A 3 Year Old Girl Obsess On Make Up After 9 Years?


Beauty is not all about looks. However, to other people appearance is a big deal. They cannot go out from home without a lipstick and make up, a perfect makeover get up. Yeah! Agreed that look is a factor in life. Who would not want to be pretty? Tell me and I will tell a hypocrite. And being beautiful comes from inside out. There are a lot of girls in the world growing self-conscious, low self-confidence and esteem. Growing children tend to be obsessed with physical beauty rather than pondering the inner beauty.

Like Jordyn POrter now at 12, was infatuated of make at the age of 3. Looking back, she was glued to makeup and mirror and worst inconsolable if her hair is messy. Imagine just that age? Jordyn’s mother Margie, doing her best to let the girl understand her situation. They often fight about makeup. During a one fight, Jordyn asked her mom for a lipstick for not looking beautiful. But her mother replied she can’t wear lipstick, she shout back, “I hate you mommy. I hate you! I don’t love you”. She’s a real brat. She doesn’t understand the meaning of inner beauty at young age but can be discipline and mold in time. At that age, she may be playing along with it but growing up with it could be worst.

Right now after 9 years, Oprah Winfrey tracked them back, if what happened to them after a long years. How their lives changed after a sudden fame and turn their world upside down. Now Jordyn is an honor roll student and a cheerleader in her school, plus got the lead role in school play. She’s now in 6th grade yet still struggling the way she look sometimes. But as part of growing up, she learned on how to appreciate her inner beauty. To be kind to others.

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