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Watch An Amazing Video Using Stop Motion Animation. What A Masterpiece!

In February 14 of this year, the world’s largest short film festival Tropfest returns to Sydney’s Centennial Park. Being held at different venues in Australia  each year, it is said to be a celebration of various short films with great stories from great storytellers like no other.


Filmmakers must include to their film a signature item by the Tropfest festival that normally changes every year. The name Tropfest was derived from the festival’s first year location, Tropicana Caffe in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia. It is founded by actor/director John Polson. Tropfest was known as the world’s first global film festival and became the largest platform for short films in the world.

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This year’s winner of the said prestigious event has won against 16 finalists in front of an estimated 100,000 people in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Filmmakers Spencer Susser and Daniel Cloud-Compos is now taking the world by storm for their animated work entitled “Shiny.”

Shiny is an animated short film that used real life-sized clothes laid out on the floor that acted out as the people. It was captured using an overhead camera in a stop motion animation. Stop motion animation is now also making a scene being used by many to create great animations. It is a technique that manipulates an object physically, to appear that it moves on its own. Objects are moved between individually photographed frames. When played in a continuous sequence it creates the illusion of movement.

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The short film shows how people gets obsessed with wealth rather than with the more important things in life-like love. The title “shiny” refers to material things like money. It reflects what some people are today. Some being materialistic and being greedy and someone who would still choose love more than money itself.

Academy Award winner Mel Gibson together with fellow Australian actors Simon Baker and Rebecca Gibney judged the 16 entries in this year’s Tropfest festival.

What a creative master piece!

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Source: viral4real, ABC, msn

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