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Do You Believe In Destiny? This Firefighter Saves A Doctor Who Helped Him When He Was A Baby

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Have you ever experience a surprise which is not the planned one and actually happened without your knowledge? A scenario takes place only by chance not by choice. Life is full of mystery and surprises. Sometimes you will be shock that your navigational compass point to one direction the same with other person. What does it mean? An event occurred with purpose to persons whom you knew before or never met. For example a story of a couple who have been together for so long which in the end they discover they were siblings. And another couple story will stunned you with the same first and surname. What a turn of events isn’t it? 🙂

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Here’s a new surprising story. A firefighter Chris Trokey met his former doctor Michael Shannon when he was a mere baby, on a road accident. Imagine a baby never know who was born premature would meet his late doctor at the age of 30? When duty call to save life, you are obliged to help others betting your life on it. As they help you, you return the favor of helping others but destiny create his own path. The doctor was trapped inside a burning car and Chris is on the rescue with his team of the said accident. Michael was severely injured and been hospitalized. Chris decided to visit him in the hospital to check his condition and during their deep conversation he learned that he saved the doctor who saved his life 30 years ago.

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What a surprising event to know who help you before whom you’ve been saved now. Michael who help Chris mother to give birth of him which was prematurely born and weigh only 1.5 kilograms. Today Chris is a proud dad of a baby boy and still keeping in touch with Dr. Shannon.

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