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The Commemoration Of Catholic Devotion On The Station Of The Cross

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As religious devotee celebrates the Lent Season, it is a day of prayer, sacrifices, reflection, repentance, reconciliation and recommitment. It is a 40-day solemn religious observance in atonement of Jesus Christ’s lie in wilderness. During Lent, many Christians commit fasting of giving up certain physical pleasures or habits for a short period of this time in accordance to devotional acts to be holy. To add in spiritual values and practices, Christians read daily scriptures to draw themselves near to God. A group of people having a pilgrimage for sacrifices and reflection on Christ’s passion on the way to the cross. The church define the true symbol of love is the “cross” not the heart. The heart may stop beating but the person hang up their never stop loving. In Lent, Christians stand firm on The Stations of the Cross, a devotional commemoration of Jesus Christ’s carrying the Cross and of his execution.

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It is the most acknowledged activity of Catholic Church which history days when pilgrims were first openly able to go to Jerusalem and walk in the footsteps of Jesus on Good Friday. Roman Emperor Constantine permitted Christians to legally worship in the Roman empire and erected the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at the site where Jesus’ tomb was believed to have been. And soon the church adopt the procession of pilgrims during Holy Week. Station of the Cross is a 14-step Catholic devotion for Christ’s last day on earth as a man. The 14 stations focus on specific events of His last day, beginning with His condemnation. As the pilgrims became a strong spiritual practice already, The Station of the Cross are commonly used as the mini pilgrimage as every individual moves from one station to another. Each recall and meditate each specific event from Christ’s last day. A litany of specific prayers are recited, then the people moved to the next station until the 14 point in reach.

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The station reveal Jesus’s suffering and sorrow which Christians following the event. These tells the precise event depicted where Jesus on the fateful day of to have occurred. Meditation is the key part of this devotion, in each station spend at least a short time considering the suffering of Christ. With each solemnly commend Christ crucified to renew but through our devotion we offer reparation.

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