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Honest Facebook User Asks The Help Of Netizens To Locate An ATM Client Who Left Withdrawn Money

A lot of news reporting an act of good deeds has been appearing every now and then for the past year. Recently, another act of honesty has occurred and got the attention of the many.

Posted last February 12 at around 7:38pm, an honest man named Allen Tolentino posted something on his wall saying that he is in search for someone who has accidentally forgot to get his withdrawn money from the Security Bank’s automated teller machine in Jollibee-Mabalacat. The amount of money left by whoever used the automated teller machine before Tolentiono is about five thousand eight hundred pesos. Tolentino asked the netizens to share his post until it may reach the owner of the said money. He even stated that the money could have been something that the one who left it worked hard for.

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This post of Tolentino has gone viral and had positive feedbacks because of his honesty and willingness to look for the owner and return the money. His boss, Josephine Tanglao commended him for what he has done.

However, others has also warned Tolentino of the consequences what posting it online could do. Like, there could be those who will take advantage and claim that it was theirs by the fact that there is no identification present to know whether who is the real owner. Some also advised him to go the bank and coordinate with the staff because they might have the record of transactions that day and a CCTV footage.

Many admired him and commented that they are proud of him and he was indeed a Good Samaritan.

As of the moment, Tolentino’s post has reached over 54,000 shares on Facebook and still counting.

An act like this is only one of the many reported cases of an honest man returning which is lost. Some may say that it is a small act to be publicized or to be given much attention but som people should know what effects this could bring to us and the society.

It is hard to find an honest man or individual these days. Experiencing a life not having much of what is needed may be the cause of it for some. But other individuals also proves that having less of what is needed is not an excuse to not return something which is not ours. Honesty is something that reflects who we are as a person or how we were raised. It also shows our maturity and acceptance to certain things in life.

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