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Old Man Surprised His Wife For The First Time After 64 Years Of Being Married

Nothing lasts forever. But the memory will always be there. Passing on to every generation.

How do you love? What do you understand about it? They say love is everywhere but can you see it? Some say that when you love, you make each ordinary moment magical. You make sure that you let them know how you feel by saying the words “I love you” but does it really matter if you say it or not?

Age is just a number. But no matter how much that number could get, your feelings for someone won’t change especially when what you feel for them is true.

Here’s a story of two old couple who wed during Valentine’s Day.

An 84-year old Chinese man prepared his first surprise for his wife on Valentine’s Day for their 67th year in marriage. In that 67 years, there have been a lot of challenges, struggles and they fight and get angry at each other but they never thought of getting a divorce.
“We used to undergo lots of challenges and struggles. And we fight and get angry with each other. But we’ve never thought of divorce.” the old man said.


In their years, it was said that there were no official wedding ceremony that’s why his wife wasn’t or have never worn a wedding dress. His 84-year old wife have been using a wheel chair since her health isn’t that stable anymore.

On Valentine’s day, the old man has planned something for his wife. He wanted her to have the best day of her life before it’s too late.
With the help of their successful and wealthy grandson, words “I love you” have been displayed in a hotel building, a combination of lights from 220 hotel rooms.


It has been said that words “I love you” has not been a common phrase for the older generation in Asian societies, so this old man who has done nothing romantic for so many years moved people to tears as he did this.

While having a belated wedding ceremony just outside the hotel, he kissed his wife and said the words “I love you”.

This is a great story about what love can do.

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via: lifehack

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