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Man Help Stranger To Walk Again, Crazy Decision To Leave His Job But Had Compassionate Result

In our daily lives, we often encounter surprising events. Some people doesn’t live on their own but for others. Helping unfortunate people makes you feel gracious out of simple things, great and overwhelm. Meet Eugene Yoon, 28, from California made his craziest decision to live his job last spring 2015 in a research company.

Eugene random act of kindness was cause of his wife crazy wish to help others. He didn’t know who will he help and how. And one day because of a video post on his Facebook page caught his attention. It was a video of a guy he never met, named Arthur Ranuwitzki who is paralytic and mugged and shot eight years ago. Arthur wish to walk again someday. Eugene heard about it, he called Arthur immediately.

There’s a Robotic machine to help those people walk again but it cost $80, 000. So Eugene went out to a hiking journey and video his every adventure from half the New California Mexico border to Canada; and ask people to social media. When he knew that his adventure bare fruits he shout out with joy. Now Arthur have this Rewalk Robotics and started to walk again.

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