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Man With No Arms Having Difficulty In Eating. What This Sevice Crew Did Will Melt Your Heart

In every small act made a lot could change. In today’s generation, many people tend to take the easy side. Who wouldn’t want that anyway? But only few people has the courage to go an extra mile just to get to where they dream of. When we get to compare the people of before from the people of today, you can really think of countless things that has been change with the passing of time. From the way people dress, the way they see things and the way they act. Maybe a lot of you can say that the people of yesterday was better than the people of today.

We couldn’t blame no one for what we have become. For it is still our choice which path to take. In today’s society, many has been known that drifted to the wrong path and make bad things. Things that makes oneself miserable. But there are also those who do things out of the goodness of a pure heart. Those who thinks of others well-being and shares goodness to them.

Social media plays a great part on people’s lives as of today. And it has been a way to spread both the goodness and bad to people. Recently, there has been a photo circulating online and has been gaining admiration from netizens. The photo showed an act of kindness to someone less capable of doing something for himself.


This kind of news easily gets the attention of the many nowadays because of the many unfortunate events or negative news reported every now and then. A simple act like this is really something to be proud of. That despite of the negativity there is still who stands out and does something good.


The viral photo took place in Agoo, La Union, Philippines. It is uploaded by an impressed netizen Marie Zelda Idelle Biteng, who dined in Jollibee Agoo. The said netizen had bad feedbacks regarding the services offered by the crew in the mentioned fast food chain. It was until the said incident that made her impression changed.


An armless man is said to be dining in the same store as Marie Zelda Idelle Biteng. The armless man eats his meal by his mouth reaching the food on his plate. This got the attention of the hero crew named, Jemcy Garcia Carino. A service crew working at Jollibee Agoo. He helped the said man with his food without any hesitations. His action melted the hearts of the many and is now making a noise on the online community.


How more of Jemcy do we still have in this world? An act like this should be an inspiration and motivation to us, to do well and help others without asking for anything in return.

Source: crackerdaily, trendingnewsportal

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