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Watch How This Amazing Jeepney Driver Spreads The Word Of The Lord

Just recently there has been someone who stole netizens attention. An amazing jeepney driver from Muntinlupa City who spreads the word of the Lord to his passengers. Quite a different style but very catchy.

This video that has been uploaded by Mark Zambrano on February 6 went viral online in just a couple of days. Showing a jeepney driver having a game for his passengers on their way to Alabang.

35-year-old jeepney driver and a preacher named Marcelito de Mesa has his own unique way of reaching out to the people. Pointing out how ignorant we are in today’s generation when it comes to reading the bible. Why is it we lose interest in reading the word of the Lord while in fact we love to read and mind other people’s lives?

He quite made a good point and the people in the jeepney agreed to him. It’s amazing how he get to make the people participate in his activity. Returning the fare of anyone who guesses the right answer while driving their way to Alabang. And if they cannot answer his questions, he gives time just to educate them about it.

Wouldn’t you feel safe riding in this jeepney? Not the usual boring ride we experience most of the time.

How more of him do we have today? Doing extraordinary ideas just to spread the word of the Lord. This story is very inspiring and an eye opener to all of us. It is a fact that in today’s generation, though some may say they love God, their actions don’t act like they really love God.

Maybe one of the reasons why there is so much of unwanted incidents happening today is that we are starting to forget what our religion has taught us. We should never forget are roots and try to live by what it has taught us.


What future would we have if we won’t be able to create a better version of what we are now? This world needs change. A change for the better not for the worst. Stop the fighting and be an inspiration to each and every one of us. Help when you can without asking for anything in return.

Fulfillment can be achieved by just doing little things that can help or make others happy. Your not just helping them but the world by just doing a small act of love.

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