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He Was Asked To Clean A Spill In The Gym. What He Found Left Him In Tears!

As human beings living in this world, we are expected to do our roles in the society effectively. Since we were young, we are being sent to school to learn and improve ourselves so that we are equipped and ready when it’s time for us to conquer the real world when we reach a certain age.

Growing up, there are people around us. Someone who guides us, helps us and motivates us in a particular way. Our teachers for example, whom we look up to because they are the ones who teaches us our lessons, our parents who we depend on especially when seeking for advice and our friends. But there are also those whom we don’t get to see regularly or even someone who we don’t barely know but is always there helping us in a way we may not notice.

In every school, institution or work place, there are those people who don’t usually given credit for what they do but without them we wouldn’t be completely effective. Those are the people who cleans our beloved school, our precious offices. Someone who cleans our own dirt.

Do you imagine going to a dirty classroom? Or coming to a dusty office? Who would want that? Coming to a clean classroom and office would make it easier for us. This is what janitors do. But they don’t just clean, they also become your friend that would care for you.

In this video you will see how the children and the faculty of one school gave thanks to the one who’s been cleaning in their school for years.

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Mr.Patton have been their school custodian for a long time and the faculty and children of the school where he works thinks that he should be thanked for, for all the work he has done just to ensure the cleanliness and well-being of everyone in there.

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They made it appear to Mr.Patton that there would be a program on the school gym. The students created letters and banners for Mr.Patton. They all gathered at the gym and to make the surprise happen, the principal of the school called Mr.Patton and told him that there was a major spill in the gym that he has to clean.


When he reached the gym, he was surprised to what he saw. Too much happiness made him cry so as the teachers and some of the children.

It is important to give credit for the work of our unsung heroes. Without them, we wouldn’t be effectively doing our works having a dirty environment.

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