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It Will Make You Cry Watching This Loving Daughter Sing A Song To Her Mom Battling From Illness

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Mother’s day is still a long way but month of Valentine’s is here. Giving love is all that we’ve got aside from fame, honor and any achievements that we have. McKenna Stanchak, 4, serenade her mom Dianna with Martina McBride song “I’m Gonna Love you Through It”. A touching video uploaded on EllenTube and shared via Facebook became viral all over internet and viewed by 22.6 million and more than 400, 000 shares. McKenna sings to her mother everyday as she battles from a terminal disease.

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People all over the world leave a messages of support on the cliff video of McKenna touching gesture of hope to her mom. McKenna’s mother Dee was touched with her daughters gesture of love and support at young age. Dee was fighting everyday to live for her daughter. McKenna is her only reason to live and exist. On this video, mother and child appear on Ellen Show to perform the special song. While watching them make you moved and brought you unwanted tears.

There is no love like any mother could give to her child and a child’s love in return to her/his mother. McKenna sang along with Martina McBride to offer the special song to Dee.

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