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Without Arms They Can Do Everything Through Their Feet , Life Must Go On


With arms or no arms these mother and son live happily like everybody. Linda Bannon, 36, the mother and her son Timmy suffer from a rare genetic condition called Holt Oram. The disability which caused them to be born without arms. To think you are born without arms is very hard such as doing household chores and getting dressed everyday. Some people might undergo bully, especially children in school. However, this is the nature of life. Some born without eyes, no arms, no feet, no tongue and so on but these types of disabilities will never stop them to live a life they wanted to have. Linda use prosthetic arms at the age of 12, but cast them aside when she realised they’re just a hindrance. Linda met her husband Richard in 2003, at the gym playing weight lifting and sit-ups, the two started to date, fell in love and started a family.

Richard and Linda Bannon Wedding day.

They discuss to have a baby the soonest because they wanted to have a real family but the possibility their child might acquire Linda’s disability have a 50% chance. As it did happen, the couple work together to raise the baby which was Timmy. During Linda’s childhood, her parents was devastated to know her situation. They were not prepared when she was born, but they are more surprise when doctors suggest they put her to adoption. “My parent’s were off-guard,” says Linda. “But my father was very upset when doctors asked if they wanted to keep me. They didn’t want to even consider not keeping me.” The circumstance like this happen when Linda got pregnant of Timmy and doctors suggest to terminate the baby. But Linda and Rick never consider the option. They wanted to start a family and have a baby. When Timmy was born, he suffered severe heart problems when he was just 5 days old. He was rushed to hospital for surgery and spent of his two months life in intensive care.

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Like mother like son never want to allow the disability to hinder to live life the way they wanted. Without arms, they don’t set limitations to themselves. Linda can beautify herself with make-up, text with her friends, can cook, dress her son and eat with a knife and fork. She practiced the art of using her feet as her hands which she can swim, sew, write and play guitar. She even joined a non-governmental organization to help family and children that are like her aside from being a kindergarten teacher. At school Timmy is like any other student who are studying and playing around. “I’m just like any other kids. Just like them.”, says Timmy. Other kids treat him equally and play along with each other. He play video games and when school is over, he and his mom went to a local pool for a swim. Rick is very supportive to his wife and son in every step of the way. He just help them even though they don’t need it necessarily. A happy family, happy life and inspiring one.

tim and Linda went for a swim at local pool.

CREDITS: Barcroft TV

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