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Old Habits Hard To Get Rid Of? Here’s A Simple Way To Break Bad Habits From Yourself

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Do you have bad habits or simply a habits? Of course you are. Each one of us has our own habits that are so hard for us to remove. Habits are ways we use to do everyday. They are part of us. Having habits depends upon the given situation like children sucking thumb before going to sleep of to adult reading before to sleep as well. The most awkward example habit is eating while sitting on toilet or texting all the time. Texting is very common today which first thing to do when you wake up in the morning; you reach for your cellphone to check some updates on your Facebook notification or a simple message from friends. There are millions kind of habit which people tend to be addictive or simply get used to it. Habits is a behavior done in pattern regularly until it become almost involuntary. In breaking bad habit, psychiatrist Judson Brewer studies the relationship between mindfulness and addiction from smoking to overeating to all those things we do even some of it we do are already bad for us.

Habit of reaching your cellphone every first thing in the morning or gabling.


How can we control are vices here we find comfort when we feel lonely or stress? If others feel alone or stress, they divert their attention to food. Their attention focuses on food, but why is so hard to pay attention to resist bad habits? A studies show that even where we’re really trying to pay attention to something half of us will drift into a daydream or have the urge check a Twitter feed, said Judson. This statement explains the most evolutionary conserved learning process to the most basic nervous system is the reward-based learning process of negative and positive reinforcement. This reward process happen for instance, we eat chocolate cake, tastes it—taste good and the sugar on cake, out body send signal to our brain that say, “Remember what your eating and where to find it.” It sum up, see food, eat food, feel good, repeat. Trigger behavior. Reward. It doesn’t apply alone on eating habits but in so many behavioral pattern. Each time we do it, we learn to repeat the process and it become habit.


An example group of people doing a habit of running in the morning.

But how could we get rid of these habits? Judson share mindfulness training could help people quit smoking. Instead of forcing yourself why not being mindful in what you do and focus what is happening on you. If you are a mindful person or attentive, you are aware what is going on around you not just yourself. You tend to use all your senses and your body will react on certain situation. Being attentive break the spell of your habit. The prefrontal cortex which is the youngest part of the brain, it understands on an intellectual level that we shouldn’t do it or that. It tries its hardest to help us change our behavior and it is called cognitive control. However, this part of our brain sometimes go offline if we feel stress that would be the time we go back to our habits. We must deeply understand the meaning of what we do, if what it can do to us. We must learn to adapt another dimension of habit and the result of the former is to let it go.


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