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You Will Be Captivated With This Man Playing A Song With All His Heart But Little Did We Know He’s Homeless


We wanted to have a comfort life; a house to live, food to eat, a good job, clothes to wear plus the luxury a life could bring. We wanted to have something which can make our life easier and productive, a money could buy everything we want. A sporty car or a grand vacation in Caribbean Islands but the way we imagine or foresee our life is different from others. We may have the comfort but be merely think of other people who are less fortunate. Everyone deserve to be happy in little or bigger ways a life could bring. Our society is only divided of rich and poor. How would you consider yourself poor? Merrian-Webster.com define poor having little money or few possessions for the basic things that need to live properly. They lack comfort and money to live normally in our modern society. However, life is a matter of choice, don’t you agree? 🙂 You are the one who draw the path of your life yet circumstances happen beyond our control.

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Be inspired with this homeless widower Donald Gould, 51, from Sarasota, Florida. He was once in US Marine Corps and study music education in Michigan but life has misfortunes, Donald develop an addiction problem after his wife went to next life last 1998 and lost a custody of their 3-years-old son. Recently, a passerby videod him while playing a song of Styx’s “Come Sail Away” with a piano in an alley and uploaded on Facebook and Youtube. On YouTube were viewed more than 19 million and on Facebook was more than 6 million.

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It make waves in Web that caught viewers attention with his heartfelt rendition on the classic song. After playing on the downtown, a nearby bar called Surf Shack offered Donald a job playing on the bar. In addition he is also searching for his son’s whereabouts whom he lost nearly two decades now. We cannot judge the way Donald look. We don’t clearly see the true story behind his sad eyes or why he became like this. Have you ever look to homeless people? We simply pass by and give them an arrogant gaze that we don’t care. A one in a thousand people to pass on beggars to give alms count the most. We give because we care, since we care we love them.

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