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Dream Turned Into Reality: A Home Built From Scratch

Would you actually believe that you could have your own home for only $11,000 ? Well, this story will inspire you to build your dream of having your own abode come true!

Macy Miller who is an Idaho architect had this dream when she was still a little girl of having her own place. Something she can call a home with everything that she wants in it. At the age of around 5-6 she has started to save up realizing later on that it would take her a very long time to save enough money to be able to have her dream come true.

Macy was very passionate and stayed passionate about building and design. She believed in the principle that form follows function. That a good design is an unnoticed collection of an excess in a set of things working together that makes it look natural.

While studying, Macy realized how much what she needs to learn more. Not just in terms but what it is really in the real world. This was the main reason why she built the micro house.


Miller came up with putting up a micro house or what she stated a tiny house out of curiosity on the construction and to give her an overview of the pros and cons for different building strategies.  The Idea of this micro house came to her in the year 2011.


She was married and eventually got divorced. Tired and sick of the thought that she’ll be having mortgages after the divorce because of losing her home due to foreclosure, Macy made sure that it would be an inspiration to reach her dream. She didn’t stop because a chapter of her story has ended. But she made it a reason to continue. As what the saying goes “not everything you lose is a loss.”

For two long years in between her social and working life, incredibly, Macy Miller managed to build this amazing micro house. The construction began on December of the year 2011 though it took much time to finish more than what’s expected.

The said micro house was built in a twenty-four foot long, eight foot wide flatbed trailer enabling her to move her house anywhere she wants!

Most of the parts that was used building this micro house was recycled materials. She designed it herself and started building it with the help of her father and her boyfriend back then.


Building this micro house also gave realistic realizations to Miller. That not everything we thought we need is really needed but sometimes it is only our wants. This made her appreciate the little and simple things in life.


This micro house is eco-friendly. Cost her less but looks so gorgeous and the story behind it is something really worth telling.


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(photos from inhabitat.com)

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