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This Elderly Man Has Difficulty Eating… What This Flight Attendant Did Brought Him Tears

A little act of kindness can touch hearts and transform lives – that is why this flight attendant never had second thoughts when she saw this elderly man who needs a little help from her.

On December 8, Mr. Niu and his wife took a Domestic flight from Zhengzhou to Haikou in South China. Mr. Niu is a former medicine professor who suffered from stroke and became paralyzed and wheel chair bound.

They were not flying for first class so attendants are not obliged to give special treatment for them, but when flight attendant named Fan Xuesong saw the physically challenged man, she transferred him to the front seat where it is more spacious and where it would be much easier for him to access the restroom.

Unfortunately, his wife was not given that same opportunity so they had to sit separately. During dinner time, Ms. Fan noticed that Mr. Niu had difficulty eating so she offered some helping hand.

Mr. Niu was moved by the attendant’s kindness and was not able to stop the tears from his eyes.

“When I said I want to feed him, he suddenly felt touched and started to cry”, Ms. Fan said.


Mr. Niu cannot chew rice so Ms. Fan grabbed some noodles for him. He choked for several times but Ms. Fan patiently attended to him.


Mr. Nui cried even more and Ms. Fan had to get some tissue to wipe the tears.


One of the passengers witnessed what happened and took photos then uploaded those in the internet.

May this story inspire us to do kindness to those who are in need.

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