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Check This Surprising Wedding Proposal On Airport

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Love! Love! Love! So sweet to fall in-love, be love and to love. Close relationships are sweeter than any other food or things in life. Loving someone is beyond reach of explanation; for love is too deep to elaborate. If your lovey ask you, how much do you love me? Simply, the answer is eternal. Other couple are long distance, which is very hard for both of them not seeing each other or hugging but only communicating through social networking site and mobile phone. A great challenge of trust, commitment, loyalty and love.

This couple is one of the extraordinary partners. Kayla had not seen her boyfriend Gabe within 8 long months. On Gabe’s arrival at the airport, he surprise Kayla by conspiring volunteers from the plane to present her a bundle of roses. Each rose is equivalent to eight months they’ve never seen each other. Filled of happiness, Kayla couldn’t take off her smile while waiting to Gabe. The moment comes her special guy in front of her presenting the last rose, and on bended knees asking a question, “I’ve travel around the world, I never meet a girl like you. I can’t live without you, you complete me. If you say, I promise to make you happiest girl in my life. Will you marry me?”. A simple question but with a meaningful answer, “YES!”

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