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Money Was Left In A Car With The Window Open. What This Homeless Veteran Did Is Surprising

We live in a world where everything is changing. From the food we eat, the way we dress, the society and everything in it. Everything has its own price. And that is why Money is what we look for.

As kids, we were taught to study hard so that when we grow up we could have a good paying job to be able to live and support our needs. Having it has both positive and negative effects not only in the society but with the people’s behavior.

Positively, money moves a person to do great to earn money or in short money can be a motivation to reach our personal goals. On the other hand, money also has its negative effects on people. Having the wrong concept of where to use the money or those people whose lives are revolving around the idea that money is everything.

In this video posted on YouTube a little experimentation has been made to test of what the people would do if they had the opportunity to steal something that that’s not theirs. They say money makes people’s true colors come out and a way to know it is through this.

Ryan from Hammy Tv had this episode showing what different people from different kinds of towns would do when they see money inside a car with its windows open.

The plan is to put his car in different locations in town and put money inside it leaving its windows open. From the wealthier side down to the run down side and see what the people would do.

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On the first part, the car was left at the wealthy neighborhood. A man passed and saw the bait. Unexpectedly, he grabbed the money and walked away just like that. It’s unbelievable how that man reacted after knowing it was only a social experiment. Another man has passed and did the same thing. When he saw that Ryan was about to come he ran off as fast as he could.

On the later part of the experiment, a homeless veteran, Paul was seen and thought that he also did what others have. When Ryan approached him, he was surprised of what the homeless veteran has said. He told Ryan that in a bad neighborhood you shouldn’t leave money like that and said that he put the money inside the glove compartment. In surprised of what the old veteran did, he gave the money to him and wished him well.

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Source: viral4real, pranksters

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