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A Girl Broke Up With Her Boyfriend After Finding Out He Is Poor. Unbelievable

Love makes the world go round. Do you agree? And according to some, love do only requires two people who loves and willing to fight for each other no matter what. But is love really enough to sustain a relationship? That status won’t matter?

In today’s generation, people has their own way of defining what love is especially in this modern society. Every Man and woman has their own description of what to look for when finding someone to love. Some just wants someone who could accept them as they are, both the good and bad side and there are also those whose interests are more likely to just find someone who could support them. People say that it’s okay to have high standards when choosing someone to love but is it a rightful and just  reason to leave someone after finding out that they don’t fit your expectations?

It is true that many of today’s people wants assurance when it comes to their future. Wanting to live a comfortable and easy life. But there is a difference between wanting a secured future than just wanting to acquire something from someone especially when you are up for only dating someone who’s classified as rich. They can be tagged as what people popularly call “gold diggers.”

In a recent story, there is a Chinese girl who broke up with her boyfriend after dating for more than a year and posted her experience on social media when she found out that her boyfriend is poor.

This Chinese girl attended a reunion dinner at her boyfriend’s hometown and made a very shocking action after seeing what was served on the dinner table that was said to be the best the family of the guy could offer since they were poor.
The post of the girl stated that what she saw there made her a quick decision of ending it early than regretting it later. Surprisingly, the family of the girl agreed to what she did. And a friend of hers even said that it is okay to hurt herself now than suffer later on. And that love will fade no matter how much you love each other now.

The post of the Chinese girl has spread widely online that and reached many Chinese Netizens and judged her for being materialistic.
This is a story worth reflecting.

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