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Blaming Your Mother For Not Being Rich? You Might Want To Think Again.

We are now living in a world with most of the people’s mind sets especially the youth are thinking that money is everything. That money is happiness. That money can make you a better person than the other. But have you tried asking yourself, is money really the only thing that makes the world go round? Is it really something than can fulfill you and content you as a person?

This video will let you see what we are today. What we do and how we react to what we see around us. Without thinking of what the struggle our parents go through everyday just to give their all. Anything that could make us happy and proud.

Some would say that life is unfair. Why are they fortunate and less fortunate ones? why can’t it be all equal?

The boy in this video feels bad being less fortunate than the other kids and blames his mother for it.
He goes to school riding in a tricycle with his mother. When he sees some kids his age riding in a fancy car, he feels ashamed and envy them. He’s tired and sick of all the teasing he gets in school. Fighting his way to defend himself when someone threw a rubber band in his face.

He came home so mad. Confronted his mother and he yelled at her while he cries out. Blaming his mother for not working hard enough to earn more money so that they will be rich. The next events changed everything. With the purpose of wanting her child to realize that money is not earned easily, he told him to go to work with her to see what she goes through everyday.
Seeing his mother work and doing what she does made him realize things. How a hard worker his mother is just to give him what he has. The boy then apologized for his actions and found out his greatest blessing.

People especially the youth needs to see what they are missing. The good side of every bad. And especially the undying love and effort of their parents just to send them to school or buy them some new stuff. Our parents are getting older and so are we. It’s never too late to thank and appreciate them while they are still with us, to guide, support and love us.

This video is a 2016 Chinese New Year presentation of PETRONAS.


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